Unboxing Box Beach

Located a short and pleasant drive (a.k.a. in-car concert performed by us!) from Newcastle, NSW you’ll find Port Stephens.

We never seem to run out of beauty to explore here; beaches, whale watching or adventuring.

But I’d like to show you a new beach we discovered recently; Box Beach.

box head 2018

Surrounded by thick bushland, a short drive through a bushy trail brings you to a car park and from there it’s an easy walk to the beach.

box head 2018-2

The blue water just sings to you…

(not only because of its ethereal beauty but because the sand was scalding hot and we looked like Irish dancers skipping along the stage! take thongs people!!!)

box head 2018-5
The Tomaree National Park landscape has 4 beautiful peaks along the coast, these are the residual surface of a peneplain (A nearly flat land surface representing an advanced stage of erosion) uplifted during the tertiary period (65 to 1.8 million years ago) and subsequently eroded, leaving the more resistant volcanic rocks as small hills.

Well thats what the NPWS Sign says. I say:: LOOK AT THE PRETTY ROCKS AND OH HEY A MOUNTAIN!! I LAVA YOU!

box head 2018-7

This makes the landscape of the beach super interesting – with rocks reaching down into the sand. It makes you wonder how far down the rocks might go.

box head 2018-12

They undulate, crag and sharply pierce the ground.

box head 2018-6

Don’t forget to look up too, flocks of seabirds love to hang close by thanks to the nearby marine reserve.

That also means sharks. Box Beach and surrounds is a breeding nursery for Great White Sharks and a preferred locale for newborns (aww- cute!)  – but lucky for swimmers they have so many tasty tasty fishies to eat they aren’t interested in ruining your tan line at all.

box head 2018-13

At the other end of the beach, a tidal Rockpool and more rockscaping is to be explored.

box head 2018-17

Tomaree National Park is the traditional land of Worimi People.

There is a peaceful and slightly ancient feel to Box Beach – with its turbulent waters, prehistoric landscape and lack of crowds.

box head 2018-23

From the southern end, you can see the points of Northern hills and mountains, beckoning you for further adventures.

box head 2018-21

We felt safe and totally encompassed by nature swimming here.

box head 2018-15

The swim in the southern rock pool was definitely a highlight of this little beach – with a school of fish sharing the space with us.

box head 2018-18

At the carpark, we spotted a large termites nest in the bush.

box head 2018-28

And as usual, remember to always Take 3 for the Sea



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