I Do’s and Dolphins.

We didn’t invite many people to our wedding.
(ok… so, we invited no-one).
However, we did have about 50 dolphins show up announced, but we let them stay. We’ve had worse gate-crashers!

(Well maybe not FREQUENTLY asked – more like maybe never or possibly asked once or twice questions.)

Why now? 

1. It’s now legal for everyone to marry and that makes it feel SO much more special for us! Yay love! Yay equality!

2. We love the absolute crap out of each other. Like seriously… more and more each day. It’s sick. We make us want to puke.

3. I really wanted the same last name as my babies. Yeah, yeah – new age woman and all that girl power stuff too – but I want to be in the band, man! Plus Quinn kept nagging to be a flower girl.

4. Why not now?

Why Elope?

Elope is a funny word isn’t it? It makes me envision being a star crossed lover, driving to a chapel in a pink and white drop-top chevy (or dark green 1998 Toyota maybe) and tying the knot at midnight; to the horror of your feuding  families.

A big wedding with 200 people (or hey even 20 people) all focused on us; would be a slow  and strange form of torture. (Says the idiot writing a blog post about herself). We are very lucky to have the most incredible circle of friends and family that we ADORE and CHERISH but this was just about us 2 (4) (Says the idiot writing a big blog post about the entire thing).

Honestly – we wanted to just go and sign the forms at the registry, no fuss no muss.  But apparently you can’t do that anymore  – WTF Newy?

From working in the biz – I had a few friendly contacts so within 15 mins and 3 text messages we’d planned the whole thing! Just like this:

1. Gorgeous and hilarious Kerryn from Wed By Kez lodged our intent and away we went.

2. Ordered a cake from Fifi because is anything ever even a thing without coffee and cake? No. No it isn’t.

3. Picked out some rings. I’d like to say we sourced antique rings once worn on the fingers of brave and bearded vikings who had forged them from the helmets of their fallen. But we just got some sweet rose gold matchy-matchy ones from Michael Hill. Same/Same.

4. Asked our Sister (in-law) and Brother in-law who we were scheduled to have lunch with us that particular day anyway, to do us one extra solid and sign some forms as well as have lunch with us. They said no. Rude. Kidding – they said “Hells yeah!”

5.  Told our beautiful Mel to be there or be square. Y’all know Mel from Left Of The Middle. Mel came to take some photographs just in case all the overwhelming lust and adoration for each other clouded our mushy brains and we forgot what actually went down. It did. And we did. So yay for photos!

* All the pics I’ve included below are taken by Mel, edited by me (Shannon), unapproved by Dean and have already totally grossed out our children.

Ceremony Details? Tell Me Everything!

We all met at Newcastle Beach and walked down to our fave little swimming hole. A HUGE pod of dolphins came crashing out of the waves; they were playing and frolicking and one even poked out its fin and squeaked “Way to go Dean!”

We said the things.
Exchanged the rings.
Had a big totally romantic kiss
Nek minit:
I’m a Mrs from a Miss.

A wave came and washed over our feet right at the moment I shoved Dean’s ring on his finger so that was a nice high 5 from the ocean. Yay nature!

After that, which took all of 2 minutes, we headed back to The Kiosk at Newy Beach and ordered some coffees and dived into that freaking amazing plant-based Carrot and Cardamom cake.
Which we had left sitting on hot beach rocks and had been carried by a 6 year old across the Beach. Twice. Disaster you may say?  Ahem: Designer Vegan Jackson Pollock-inspired Art Cake!
Tasted better that way!

Awwww Guys! Did you say Vows? Did you cry! Awwwwwww

No Vows, we wanted that shiz done!

But I later asked Dean what he WOULD have said if I spontaneously included vows and he charmingly told me, like seriously out of a fairytale guys, that he would have listed the 5 things he loved most about me.

One of them was “You can drive”.

Sigh, so much romance.

 If I DIIIIID say a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ I would have said something like;

“I totally also love that you can drive! Also that you can read! Hawt.
I also adore the way that for over 14 years we have been growing, expanding, changing and evolving into a diverse universe. There is no stagnant arrival to some sort of “love destination, platform 9″ but, rather, a joyful, complex and expanding feeling of affection and connectedness. Like the love we experienced when our children were born – there is not less love for others but just more space for extra love to be contained in. I am committing to the further expansion of our universe and all the love, gratitude, compassion, affection and teamwork that will continue to fill it. ”

Or you know – something like that. But in less than 10 words because – the crying.

Show Us Some Photos, You Fricks! 

Okay, Okay – Geez.

Stop scrolling if you get grossed out by affection, mums & dads kissing and squishy mooshy mushy love stuff.

Thanks for reading!

Mrs Cattley





After this we took a little trip north – Mel also came along (and Jane too!) – and took more snaps. They’re a clingy lot. Again – STOP YER SCROLLIN IF YOU WANT TO AVOID BEING VISUALLY ASSAULTED BY PICTURES OF US SMOOCHIN IT UP!


Family Shoot_-7

Didn’t stop scrolling hey… sicko!

Family Shoot_-9Family Shoot_-23Family Shoot_-2Family Shoot_-10


Family Shoot_-115


Family Shoot_-114


Family Shoot_-88


Not-at-all-posed push off the wharf!




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Family Shoot_-98

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